About ACOC


Altavista Church of Christ is a local church of 65 years that focuses on preparing the next generation to follow Christ wholeheartedly & to continue to grow in each member’s relationships with Christ.

We also try our best to teach & preach The Word as accurate as possible & to help every member grow & experience God’s blessings. Check out the “Our Beliefs” section to see what we believe in as a Church of Christ. If you are a visitor, please fill out a visitor’s card located behind each pew & put it in the offering plate. Someone will contact you soon.¬† If you are an immersed visitor, please partake in the emblems as they are passed.

 Service Outline:

Entering to Worship…

  • Praise Him with Songs of Praise

    • Opening Prayer & songs

  • Worship in Remembrance if Him (Communion – weekly)

    • Communion Meditation, prayer & passing of the emblems

    • Visitors encouraged to partake in the emblems with us during this time

  • Praise God with Tithes & Offerings

    • Prayer over the offering

    • Passing of the offering plates

    • Doxology (a liturgical formula of praise to God) [Congregation standing]

  • Worship through His Word

    • Prayer

    • Message, invitation hymnal & closing song

… departing to Serve

Service Times:

  • Sunday:

    • Sunday School: 10:00 am

    • Morning Worship: 11:00 am

    • Choir Practice: 6:00 pm

    • Evening Service: 7:00 pm

  • Wednesday:

    • Mid-Week Bible Study: 7:00 pm


1301 Avondale Dr.

Altavista, VA 24517

Office phone: 434-369-5389

Preacher (Cell): 434-609-5165

 Our Staff:

Preacher/Song Leader: Larry Evans (epccevangelist@yahoo.com)

Choir Dir/children’s leader: Duane Evans

Adolescent Leader/Head Elder: Ira Matney

Teen Leader/Tech Specialist: Taylor Berger (thb617@hotmail.com)

Pianist: Tammy Conner

Bible School Superintendent: Jesse Owens

Secretary: Carolyn Shelton